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T urkey F rying 101 L esson 2
Add a new dimension to your outdoor cooking experience!!!

Injecting the sauce into the turkey.

Items & things needed:

* One or more 10-12 pound turkeys.
* A spice injector. Cajun Spice Injector Kit
* Turkey Injecting Seasoning.
* A place to store the turkeys overnight.
* A few other things that are critical but not shown.

The only way to properly season any large cut of meat is to get seasoning into the meat. A spice injector is the easiest way to do that. As you can see, we trim the excess skin off of the neck area and the rear area. We inject the seasoning well ahead of the cooking time, usually the night before. This allows the flavor to really spread out. There are two recipes for the injecting sauce found on the homepage of The Turkey Frying Information Exchange. The critical items that you cannot see are an ice chest filled with the cold drinks of your choice, and a few comfortable chairs for you and your friends.

Just a few tips to remember:

Prepare your injecting sauce ahead of time so that it can reach its full flavor and cool down.

Make sure the turkey is completely thawed out before injecting the sauce into it. I know this sounds silly, but we have had several people complain about breaking their infusion tube, only to find out they were trying to inject a frozen turkey.

Puncture the skin as few times as possible. You can reach several different areas by partially removing the infusion tub and going back in at a different angle.

The amount of sauce injected depends on two things. First, how "strong" is your injecting sauce and how spicy do you like your food.

Keep small children & pets away from injecting area.

Inject the turkey at least 12 hours(24 hours is better) ahead of cooking time.

The Cajun Shoppe can provide you
with all the equipment needed for deep frying turkeys.
The Cajun Shoppe Turkey Frying Combo.

Try our new Turkey Injecting Seasoning.

If you have any recipes, suggestions, or improvements for deep fried turkey, or any other deep frying recipes you wish to share, mail, fax, or email them to The Cajun Shoppe. We will try them out, and if they are approved, we will place them on our web page. If you wish to have the credit for a tip, suggestion, or a recipe we use we will be happy to do so.

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