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T urkey F rying 101 L esson 5
Add a new dimension to your outdoor cooking experience!!!





* Your turkey frying combo with oil heated to 325 degrees.
* A few other things that are critical but not shown.

This step is one that requires common sense and sobriety. As you place the raw bird into the hot oil the excess moisture will cause a steam explosion and the oil will "boil up". This is not as bad as it sounds. If you lower the turkey a little at a time, removing it from the oil when the oil boils up and lowering it a little farther each time until you have it completely submerged, you will avoid any problems. If you are using a forty quart pot the temperature of the oil will only drop a few degrees. If you are using a smaller pot, the temperature will drop quite a bit more so you will need to kick the heat up until the oil returns to the proper cooking temperature. The top picture shows the wings "tucked in" which helps prevent over cooking the wing tips and make a better looking finished product. The critical items that you cannot see are an ice chest filled with the cold drinks of your choice, and a few comfortable chairs for you and your friends.

Just a few tips to remember:

Make sure the oil is at or slightly above the proper cooking temperature.
(We cook at 325 degrees.)

Make sure you keep the oil at the proper temperature through out the cooking time.

Make sure cooker is level and on a hard surface.

Keep small children & pets away from cooking area.

As a matter of safety, you may want to turn the flame off when placing the turkey in the oil or removing the turkey from the oil. It only takes a minute to relight, and will prevent any chance of flame up if the oil should spill over.

The Cajun Shoppe can provide you
with all the equipment needed for deep frying turkeys.
The Cajun Shoppe Turkey Frying Combo.

Try our new Turkey Injecting Seasoning.

If you have any recipes, suggestions, or improvements for deep fried turkey, or any other deep frying recipes you wish to share, mail, fax, or email them to The Cajun Shoppe. We will try them out, and if they are approved, we will place them on our web page. If you wish to have the credit for a tip, suggestion, or a recipe we use we will be happy to do so.

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